A unique and direct approach to get acquainted with the landscape, the mineral and the mining society in the Berguedà County is on offer. The scale model of the geology of the paleontological site of the south side of Fumanya helps us interpret the changes in landscape during the Late Cretaceous in the Berguedà County. A touch-on double.reading script w.ill be available to easily give out information. This system comes with macro characters for the elder and the visually impaired, and with Braiile characters for our blind visitors.

Three blocks of lignite from the Sant Romà mine will contribute towards perceiving the texture, the hardness and the temperature of our most prized stuff, the Berga coal. Besides, life at the mine is also considered by taking into account the evolution of lighting systems, which is an excellent tool to show the hard working conditions and the improvements in personal safety.

The following services are on offer:

Individual escort service upon request.

Adapted information leaflets at the halls for the visually impaired.

Adapted space for physically impaired visitors.

  VIDEOS PER ALS SORDS                        

1. Presentation

2. The model

3. Coal

4. Society