The permanent exhibition is divided into two spaces: coal, its mining, the importance of coal infrastructures, transport and its previous screening before use, both as home and industrial fuel and as primary source to produce electricity. The daily life at the mine and the role of the mining colony of Sant Corneli and its people through party, leisure time, work done by women, the school, the health clinic, the entrepeneur and the company, the workers and their social and labour claims.In this area we have recently introduced a couple of audiovisuals boasting the most emblematic claims by the mine's workers: the events in Fïguls in 1932 and the Sit-in of 1977.

At the end the workers' housing can be seen. The visit is completed by the viewing of an audiovisual based on the Alt Berguedà mining area and the guided visit into the inside of the mine where working conditions through time are to be analysed.

The visit to the museum takes 1.30 minutes. In order to take part in it you will be granted a shift both for the visit to the permanent exhibition and for the entrance into the mine, where you can always count on a guide.

The new exhibition, “The Spectacle of the Mine”, foster the understanding of the two types of mining developments in use nowadays: underground and opencast mining. Therefore, the project boasts the information given by Carbones Pedraforca, S.A., which is the last active mining company in the Berguedà area..

The museography as it is planned aims at taking the visitor into a history narrated from the future. The plot explains how some future archeologists enter the workshop and discover tools which were used at mining developments. From here visitors will rediscover the world of mines through projections, holograms and innovative image and sound effects.